Cabinet refacing involves replacing the existing doors and drawer faces with brand new materials. The existing cabinets are the painted or stained to match. If you are happy with the current foot print in your space this is the way to go. It is more affordable, quicker, less disruptive, and better for the environment then tearing everything out and starting from scratch.

New cabinet doors come in all sorts of design styles, materials and colours. This is a great way to modernize and freshen up your kitchen. Pair new doors with some new hardware (knobs, handles and hinges) and you will have a spectacular upgrade.

We offer thermofoil vinyl wrapped doors.

Your cabinet boxes must be in good shape. Check for loose joints, cracks and structural damage. Rot or water damage can cause soft spots, especially around the sink and over the dishwasher. Make sure cabinets are securely fastened and not sagging or warped.

If you’re not sure on which colour or stain to choose our team is happy to help. We have samples to bring to your home to match with the other elements such as counters or walls. We can provide door style samples to help you decide if you lean towards a classic shaker, contemporary flat panel, or more of a traditional look.
We spray and finish your cabinets in our Abbotsford shop.

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